Little Kick Intramural League

"Not all intramural programs are created equally. Some programs give your children a strong developmental foundation, others do not. As a parent, do you know if your son or daughter participates in a strong program? The trends that we observe suggest that kids that don't learn fundamental skills at early ages tend to have less enjoyment playing soccer and are likely to quit and pursue other activities." - Jeremiah White

Why Little Kick?

Parents, if you have ever signed your son or daughter up for an intramural program that lacks a developmental component, try little kick. We have years of experience working with high level youth soccer players and have witnessed the effects of poor skill development at early ages. Children that are not ready for A or B travel programs are usually cut because of a lack of technical ability. Our program integrates balance, coordination and technical training into a fun program that includes activities and soccer matches. 

Program Concepts

COORDINATION - Training the ability to use different parts of the body together efficiently

BALANCE - Specific exercises designed to enhance balance and improve stability


BALL MASTRY - Developing touch and coordination to pass, shoot and dribble effectively


GAME - Playing helps improve visual-spatial awareness and problem solving. It is also FUN!

Programs Include

1. Little Kick participants receive a HOME and AWAY t-shirt.

2. One required game and training session per week

3. One optional training session

4. Discounts for winter training and summer camps. 

5. Parent education - Motivation, grassroots soccer and the rules of soccer

6. Game photos


  Sofive Soccer Centers

            46 Church Rd, Elkins Park, PA 19027

Indoor and Outdoor options. We will never cancel!



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