The milk bath has a long history. In use since the days of the Egyptians, its skin healing properties are gentle yet effective in helping to restore skin, and relaxing the mind and body after intensive trainings.


WSV’s clinically determined formula has maximized the benefits of each ingredient making it ideal for sore and tired muscles and minds. However, because we truly understand an athlete’s needs, our specialized formula is designed promote recovery and wellness that extends beyond the bath. The components come together to promote muscle recovery, mental relaxation, and general calmness at the conclusion of the day.

Organic powdered buttermilk and skim milk naturally contain lactic acid, which gently dissolve proteins and exfoliates dead skin cells leaving fresh, supple skin behind. This acid is very mild does not strip or irritate the skin; the fat from the buttermilk aids in soothing dry skin. Additionally, the milks are rich in Vitamin E and Zinc both of which are known for their abilities to slow the aging process, and (more importantly) retain the skins natural elasticity.


Organic cornstarch soothes and relieves dry, itchy skin. The soothing element makes it ideal for athletes whose skin is constantly in contact with abrasive and moisture-wicking fabrics.

Organic epsom salts are the final restorative element of the milk bath.  Magnesium and sulfate, the two minerals that make up epsom salt, are readily absorbed into the skin, and making it an ideal tool in athlete recovery. Magnesium greatly influences the health of the body by regulating the activity of 325 enzymes that reduce inflammation, aid muscle and nerve function, and assist in preventing artery hardening. Sulfate improve the absorption of nutrients, flush out toxins, and aid in easing migraine headaches.


WSV Advanced Recovery Milk Bath. The better choice to recover from elite performances.

Milk Recovery Bath

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