WSV SC partners with S3 Soccer for Injury Prevention

S3 is an important tool in the injury prevention program of athletes.  Changing the type of training  your son or daughter participates in changes the type of stress on the body.

  • Cross training gives the muscles used soccer a break from the normal stresses put on them in games and training. The muscles may still be worked, even intensely, but without the normal impact or from a different angle. This allows the muscles to recover from the wear and tear built up over a season while forcing the body to adapt to different stimuli.

  • Cross training helps reduce  muscle imbalances in the body. A right footed soccer player might develop an imbalance laterally between the two sides of the body by constantly shooting and playing long passes with his or her right foot. The muscles directly involved in shooting become stronger and those unaffected by shooting will become weaker without training. S3's cross training can help balance the strength in the muscles on both sides as well as the stabilizing muscles. This balancing of strength and flexibility helps to prevent one muscle group, due to a strength imbalance, from pulling the body out of natural alignment. It also prevents muscle pulls and tears caused by one muscle exerting more force than the opposing group can counter.

S3 Movement Training

  • Most people squat, lunge, bend, twist, push, pull, crawl, walk, run, jump, climb and throw. That’s how our body is made to function. We start developing movement patterns as children.  We develop balance, body awareness, coordination and control. Once school starts, we are told to sit. Years of sitting in school in partnership and playing fortnite, are reducing mobility in kids. Joints get stiff, muscles and tendons weaken, coordination and body awareness diminish. In order to perform at your best, we need to restore function that is lost from inactivity, old injuries, etc. We want to restore function, improve health and challenge the body in new ways. We have developed a system to progressively learn these patterns of movement.​

WSV SC Follows the FIFA 11​ Injury Prevention Program

  • The prevention program “The 11” was developed by FIFA’s medical research centre (F-MARC) in cooperation with a group of international experts. “The 11” is a simple, catchy and time-efficient preventive program that comprises ten evidence-based or best-practice exercises and the promotion of Fair Play. It requires no equipment other than a ball, and can be completed in 10-15 minutes (after a short period of familiarization). The exercises focus on core stabilization, eccentric training of thigh muscles, proprioceptive training, dynamic stabilization and plyometrics with straight leg alignment. The program is efficient as most of the exercises simultaneously train different aspects and can replace other exercises.

  • “The 11” should be performed in every training session after a warm-up and stretching of all the important muscle groups. Precise performance of the exercises is important in order to ensure their effect. The sequence of exercises should be followed. Before each match, a shortened version (only exercises 4, 5, 8) of “The 11” should be carried out. The benefits of the program include improved performance and also injury prevention. In addition, when respecting Fair Play, you can further reduce the risk of injury to yourself and other players


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